Health and Wealth Reset

with Chameice Daniel

Chameice Daniel has helped thousands of people worldwide fully anchor into their infinite power to create the lives they only dreamed were possible. After personally manifesting a seven-figure company, her twin flame, and her dream of traveling the world, she now teaches others how to use the principles of her programs to consciously create the powerful lives they desire using the same process she used.

She has been named the “Queen of Abundance” by clients and has helped CEOs, CFOs, actors, writers, and people just beginning to create their dreams and manifest large income streams, publishing contracts, twin flames and soulmates, and much more!

She is a natural intuitive with an academic background in psychology. She holds honorary Doctor of Divinity and Doctor of Metaphysics Certificates. She is certified in Laughter Yoga, Angel Card readings, Archangel Life Coaching, Intuitive Counseling, Kinesiology, and Interfaith Ministries. She is a certified Peace Ambassador and Inner Priestess with years of shamanic training.

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Chameice's special offer has helped people:

  • Regain your confidence and self-worth that will propel you into the health, wealth, and love you deserve
  • Break through any and all glass ceilings that limit your earning potential
  • Create a harmonious body image to finally release those extra pounds
  • Learn how to run your energy to feel your cells for profound anti-aging benefits

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Package is wonderful! Ok to play the high vibes or grounding mp3s more than once a day?

Chameice Daniel

5 5 1
Just had my first phone call with Chameice, and she is INCREDIBLE! I highly recommend her to everyone. So gifted, so able to tune into things right off ... and fast. Clearings, insight ... it's all there in a snap (no year-long therapy, thank you!)

Health and Wealth Reset

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Chameice is truly a golden heart of energy. May her guidance truly be the change we all need. May she always be blessed for giving us these wonderful gifts.